What Guests Say

From the outset it was clear that this voyage of discovery would be amazing. The crew of Kiskeedee and Ubuntu were super organized, professional and so friendly. They took the utmost care of my students and that is worth its weight in gold. Meals aboard ship were just wonderful. The choices made available to students in terms of how to spend each day were well thought out and very engaging. We had so many options each day – explore an island village, swim, snorkel, photograph, learn some basic sailing terms, help out with the ship’s chores or simply visit on the beaches. This was a great program for a group of college students and I would recommend it to anyone.  ~ Chester, university program director

My goal at the outset was to just have fun and escape from the hustle an bustle of everyday life. On this trip I don’t think I’ve stopped having fun since I’ve set foot on the Kiskeedee and it has been the perfect thing I didn’t realize I needed so badly.  ~ Adam

Thank you, David and Lori, for a Spring Break to remember! From our morning conversations and learning to raise the sails, to finding a sea turtle and eagle ray while snorkeling, to your fantastic cooking and kind hosting, I had a trip that was more meaningful than I could have hoped for. The end of the week came too soon, but I now have plenty of photos and some new wisdom to take back and share with my friends and family. I wish you safe cruising aboard Ubuntu, and look forward to keeping in touch! ~ Jacob


The experience has been amazing and unforgettable and it made an amazing spring break full of adventure and relaxation. The simplicity of being disconnected from my everyday world made me feel so connected to the outdoor world.  Thanks for showing us such a beautiful place and experience.  ~ Erin 

It was awesome living on your boat. The snorkeling was really fun and the fish were stunning. The meals were great; I never thought anything that good could come out of a boat. It was fascinating to see a lifestyle away from land and how much you guys love the ocean. This was a great trip! ~ Ben

Thanks so much for helping to make one of my life dreams come true!  ~ Ryan

Thanks again for an incredible boating trip! I can't say enough how you balanced your professionalism with developing a positive and comfortable rapport with the students. Your love of the fish friends and snorkeling was such a positive influence on our group and I know it kept some of our kids in the water searching and exploring a lot longer than they may have without you! ~ Natalie, teacher

Unforgettable and beautiful. Thank you for an amazing Spring Break.  ~ Craig

Thank you for a wonderful time. You both are wonderful hosts! I enjoyed being on Kiskeedee!  ~ Julia


Upon leaving for the airport, my first instinct was to turn and run straight back to the boat. Even in less than a week, you two made me feel as if Ubuntu was my home on the sea. Your warmth and hospitality floored me - it takes a uniquely compassionate family to open their home to (eight loud and hungry) strangers.… To find strangers who love things as broadly and as deeply as I do gave me a profound sense of belonging onboard Ubuntu, and that is a gift I can't thank you enough for.  ~ Margaret

You helped me pull in lines, steer the boat, and cook! I was always a lot more enthusiastic about cooking then I was skilled, but with your guidance, I was so proud of myself. I was also given the bravery to try so many new things. You are also two of the nicest people I have ever met. You encourage every one of us. ~ Vinny

You taught us a lot about respect for ourselves, thinking for ourselves, and acting as a community. ~ Annalee

Thank you so much for hosting us over the past week. The whole experience was so surreal and probably the best spring break I’ve ever had! I loved every minute of it and I wish you both the best in your future travels.  ~ Kassi

Thank you for having us as guests on your boat and teaching us about sailing and other marine topics. Your hospitality and perky spirit kept us always willing to have fun. Thanks to you, I learned how to live in a different setting out of my comfort zone. I had fun sailing with you guys. You made it a great time! ~ Emmett

Thank you for an amazing trip! Experiencing sailing, snorkeling, and being on a sailboat helped me realize a newfound dream to eventually own a boat! Many thanks and happy sailing.  ~ Carly


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