Our Program

Sailing Adventures in the Bahamas is a 6-day live-aboard learning adventure. Each of the two sailboats has a captain and mate on board. Your group of participants will live aboard the two boats and become part of the crew. As members of the crew, each participant will help sail the boat, prepare meals, and clean up. Don’t worry, no experience is necessary – the captains will show you everything you need to know.

Participating Vessels


Kiskeedee, Dynamique Express 44

Ubuntu, 40-foot Privilege Catamaran

Where Will We Sail?

The sailing trip begins and ends in Marsh ­Harbour on Great Abaco Cay in the Bahamas.

Setting off from Marsh Harbour, we will spend the week sailing and exploring the string of island cays that make up the Abaco Islands. The Great Abaco barrier reef lies just off the coast of the islands, some parts easily reached from the beach. The brilliant-blue Sea of Abaco lies between the islands and offers miles of sailing and island exploring.

The Itinerary

On Day 1 you will board your vessel, have your orientation and set off to find the first perfect anchorage (time and weather permitting) to test out the group’s swimming and snorkeling skills and eventually settle in for the night. The rest of the week will be guided by the weather and the group’s navigation and sailing skills.

Each day we sail to one of the islands to explore its sandy beaches, snorkel the coral reefs and visit local settlements. Some favorite stops include snorkeling at the Fowl Cay Reef national preserve, climbing the historic Hope Town Lighthouse (built in 1862) for the unbeatable view, and visiting the traditional boat-building settlement of Man-O-War Cay. We will spend each night at anchor and be back in port on the final night for departures the following morning.



No experience is necessary. We will teach you the basics and you will get hands-on experience hoisting, lowering and trimming the sails as well as steering the boat. You can also learn about navigation, anchoring and generally about living and traveling on board a sailboat.

Swimming, Snorkeling and Fishing

We have snorkeling equipment on board for everyone (you are also welcome to bring your own). You will be able to swim and snorkel right from the boat or from the different beaches we will visit. The Abacos are known for their coral reefs and you will spot interesting sea life whenever you are in the water. You may want to bring an underwater camera! Fishing equipment is also on board so you can try your luck at trolling as we sail or fishing from the deck when we are anchored.


Our “car” for the week is our inflatable dinghy powered by an outboard motor. We will ferry you back and forth to explore sandy beaches and visit the local settlements such as Treasure Cay with its swimming pool and highly ranked beach, and Great Guana Cay, home of the famous Nipper’s restaurant, white sand beach and offshore coral reefs.

Life on Board


Bunks are not available for everyone, so you may likely be sleeping in the cockpit or salon area of the boat. Bring a sleeping bag or light blanket and a small pillow. If you plan to sleep on deck under the stars, bring a foam or inflatable mattress for more comfort in sleeping on the hard surfaces. If you plan to sleep outside, be aware it can get chilly during the night, espe­cially when the wind is blowing.


The boat will be stocked with lots of fresh and canned foods, more than ample to feed the whole group for the week. The crew (meaning you and your group) will be preparing most of the meals with help from your captains. You, the crew, will also share dishwashing and other cleanup duties as needed.

The Head

The head is boat lingo for the toilet. If you are not familiar with a marine head, you will get to know it on board. It looks like a regular toilet, but you will need to pump by hand in order to flush. Don’t worry, it’s not bad, and there will be plenty of time on land where you can find regular toilets.

Water Use and Showers

There will be an ample amount of water on board for drinking and cooking, but not enough for each person to have a daily shower. You will be spending much of your time in the water and we have outdoor camping showers for a fresh water rinse. If you are really craving a shower, you may find one on some of our land visits.


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